Northbury Primary- Space2Earth Challenge

By Kulvinder Kaur Johal, Assistant Head/Science Coordinator, Northbury Primary School


It has been a real whole school effort to get through the Space2Earth challenge. We started in January when John, our sports teacher, marked out an area in our school playground and I sent him out with a trundle wheel to measure it. Well you can imagine, John had never seen a trundle wheel before. It turns out that marked area was 200m.

So John began to get classes to do a warm up activity before each lessons and sent the pupils off to do 2 laps of the track. Slowly but surely the metres started to tick away. This started with the younger children and eventually the whole of key stage two was involved. Our athletic teams ran 800 metres several times. John has been doing his sums and keeping a record.  

Northbury01The year 3 pupils ran over 100,000 metres themselves. Well done !!

The finale was our Year 5 pupils, who have been working on the Mission X- Train Like an Astronaut Programme, totting up the last few metres.  We have made it!  Over 360 pupils have taken part and we have reached the magic number.   400,000 metres=400km


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