Physical Education – Get fit with Tim!

Keeping fit and exercising regularly helps us to stay healthy. However when you’re in space for months on end, heading out for a walk or a quick run isn’t an option. To maintain their health in space, astronauts have to exercise every day. This means that they will maintain their muscles and bones but will also be fit enough to be able to walk as soon as they land. In the same way that triathletes use multiple disciplines when competing, astronauts will do a mixture of cardio-vascular exercise (running or cycling) along with some strength exercises.

The following activity – focussed on tracking fitness – works best using an HP Prime Graphing Calculator. This is a complete suite of mathematical software for drawing graphs, statistical charts, working with formulae and much more. It is available as a handheld device, an Android App for tablets or a free presentation download for teachers. See: for details.  Work through HP Prime Teacher Notes #1 Getting Started (on the Numbers in Space Resource Page) as your first step.