Run your own challenge

Motivate your students to get fit using this message from Astronaut Tim Peake about the importance of exercise both on and off-world. Astronauts know only too well that if you ‘don’t use it you lose it’ and need to exercise for a couple of hours to counteract the effects of living and working in a microgravity environment.

Students can step, spin, swim, skip, spacehop the 400 km from space to earth in this challenge that Tim has set. They can collect badges for individual or team achievements.

And there are certificates you can download on our Educator Resources page

See how other schools have taken the challenge:

Space to Earth in a Day/Week/Month

Wooldale Junior School are counting how far they are travelling each day. They are displaying the distances on a special notice board in school.

Launch and Landing Parties

Salford City Academy and Temple Primary Schools hosted special launch parties.

Why not plan an event in the run up to Tim’s landing on June 5th.

Space House Party

Stirling High School in Scotland set an inter-house school competition seeing how far the houses could go in a day using the gym, swimming, and cross-country facilities.

Star Crest

Lambeth Academy is using the challenge to help students achieve their Crest awards.  See the sample programme here.

Stellar Transitions

Forest Hall School is sharing its gym and facilities with feeder primaries as the whole Stansted community takes the challenge.

On the Radio

Sandringham School has been one of the first to host the Space to Earth Challenge team

Spaceathlon – Multi-week Challenge

Dinglewell Junior School have set inter-year competitions and have been tracking individual distances in each class. They have including walks to school, swimming lessons, and teachers have competed with students.

Triathlon Trust Community Event

The Triathlon Trust has worked with a variety of schools – bringing their equipment and expertise to run activities in schools. They bring 40 pro bikes and a team of coaches to organize a community event. There is a cost for these events but many schools have found funding from a local sponsor, their regional health board, or from sponsorship. Contact

Other ideas:

Individual Challenges

You don’t have to enter as a group. Individual children and adults are also taking up Tim’s challenge, registering, entering their distances, collecting their badges and sharing them on social media.

Space to Earth Challenge Running, Swimming, Cycling Clubs

Give a stellar theme to your existing and new running, swimming and cycling clubs and use the resources to give a fresh challenge to your members.

University Challenge

Teesside University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Queen Mary University of London and Essex University are encouraging students to reach for the stars with space themed outreach events linked to the challenge.

Walk to Space Weeks

Why not give a space theme to your walk to school or cycle to school weeks.

Space for Fundraising – Sport Relief and Fundraisers

Why not use the challenge distance as a focus for fundraisers – you can have fancy dress fun spacehopping challenges to give a stellar theme.

Junior Sports Leaders

Invite students to organize and lead space themed events as part of a social action or young leader programme. There are plenty of resources such as posters, banners and stickers that can be downloaded from our Educator Resource page.

Physiology Focus

Use the extreme physiology of astronauts to show how bones and muscles defy gravity – see additional information on our Educator Resources pages.