Space Bones – HRH Message to Tim Peake

16 June 2016

The President of the National Osteoporosis Society, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, has helped to shine a light on osteoporosis once again by thanking British astronaut Tim Peake for his help in research into the condition during his time in space.

In a letter to Tim Peake, the Duchess said: “As president of the National Osteoporosis Society, a charity very dear to my heart, I am interested to know how your bones have stood up to space travel as I understand that astronauts can lose up to 10 per cent of bone density over six months.

“I have been told by the NOS that you will return home with invaluable research and data.

“It would be very interesting to know if what you learn could help change the lives of osteoporosis sufferers here on earth.”

She also wished him a safe journey home.

Looking at changes in Tim Peake’s bone structure could help detect the on-set of osteoporosis in large population groups, especially over 55s back here on earth. 

MRI scans of his knees before and after the mission should show changes in the bone that mimic osteoporosis. 

Tim Peake is due to land back on earth in Kazakhstan on 18th June. You can keep up to date with Tim’s journey back to Earth on Twitter by following @astro_timpeake.


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