UCL-Mullard Space Science Lab Race to Space

From Louise Harra, Professor of Physics, UCL-Mullard Space Science Laboratory Graham

The UCL-Mullard Space Science Lab is doing a race to space in order to raise money for the Surrey air ambulance who saved one of our engineers, Graham, after a nasty cycling accident. 

UCL-MSSL has designed, built and operated more than 35 science instruments for spacecraft over the years, and Graham has played key roles on many of these.  Some missions he has worked (is working) on include SWIFT, XMM-Newton, Cluster II, Hinode and currently Solar Orbiter. Solar_Orbiter

Staff at MSSL are planning to do the distance to the space station, in 10km chunks through different means to raise funds. So far the space cadets plan to cycle, run, swim and write 10,000 word gaming material (!) – keep posted for the next steps. We’ll be doing this over the month of August.


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