Your own space tri

Astronaut Tim Peake has set you a challenge to see how much distance you can travel while he is on board the ISS.   He has set you 9 distance related missions – for each distance you complete you can claim a badge.  

After 8 missions you will have covered the distance to space – so you’ll get the ‘Principia’ badge too.

Mission 9 is the return journey – from the ISS back to Earth.


Click to open the instructions below.

1) Registering for the Missions

Each time you pass a milestone you can claim a badge. To register, click the link below.

Make sure you check with an adult before you register.

  • Look for the ‘register’ link below.
  • Enter a username and your email address along with the captcha text to prove you are not an alien.
  • Check your incoming email for one with a title like “Your username and password info’.
  • Press the link to set yourself a password. The website will suggest a password for you – you can pick a different one if you like. But make sure you make a note of it somewhere safe!
  • Now travel the distance!

2) Work through the Challenges

Now you are registered you can login to the Space to Earth website on this page.

  • There are 8 challenges getting harder and harder each time.
  • Once you have completed a challenge you can enter details into the ‘create a new submission’ text field. You can add a photo if you want to show us how you have completed the challenge – we won’t share this without asking you! Click submit and you will get a message that your submission was successful

You should now get an email with your new badge in it. Please feel free to share the badge wherever you like. If you save the badge from the email you’ll see its quite large!!!

3) Share your badges on Credly

We have integrated the badge system with – a premier site for sharing badges and awards.

If you want to use Credly you’ll need to create an account – using the same email that you used for the Space to Earth website. Once you have done this your badges will automatically appear in your Credly account and you can share them to twitter and facebook.

4) Tell Everyone!!!

We hope you like the badges. Feel free to use them wherever you want!

Spread the news about how great the Challenge is! Think of it – you and your friends have covered the distance from Space to Earth.

5) Tell Tim your story

We want to tell Tim about people and schools who have been exercising with him. Tell us your story on twitter and instagram using @space2earth. Use our blog to tell us more about how your fitness has reached new levels.